Social Recognition

The Sarvoday Parivar Trust has received many awards in recognition of its work. This is society’s way of recognizing for whatever the activity we had mobilised for the upliftment of this tribal population during last 45 years. The credit goes to the four founders of our trust and all those who have come together to undertake this work including co-workers, donors, friends and well-wishers.

Outstanding Features Of Trust
  • The Trust is run solely on contributions from over 1200 donors, without government assistance.
  • All the activities of the Trust a re conducted by local workers. The workers who have completed tenth grade or up are trained in a skill and then assume responsibility for that particular activity.
  • he partic ipation of t he beneficiaries is a must. There are no handouts . Contributions are often in the form of voluntary work.
  • Our philosophy of “Food for Work” is an incentive to the people, as we provide help in the form of grains, rather than money.
  • 85-90 percent of the funds are directly appropriated to the over a ll upliftment of the people as administr ative costs are minimized.
  • We remain open to initiating all activities which will be beneficial to the people of the region, rather than narrowly defining our activities for target achievements.


NoAward NameDescriptionYear
1Ashok Gondhiya AwardMedical Service & Humanitarian Work1986
2Ashok Gondhiya Award For Khadi Work1989
3Jamnalal Bajaj AwardConstructive Work & Women Empowerment1993
4Indian Merchants ChamberGramswaraj rogram inspired1996
5Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta AwardFor Upliftment of Adivasi Community1997
6Manubhai Pancholi (Darshak) AwardFor Rural Development Service1999
7Acharya Tulsi AwardFor Social Service2000
8Champaben Gondhiya AwardChampaben Gondhiya Award2005
9Swami Sachidanand RecognitionFor Literature2007
10Manubhai Pancholi AwardFor Education & Rural Development2007
11Jagrut Jan AwardFor Social Work2012

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