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Sarvodaya Parivar trust is established in the year 1968, for the overall up liftment(SARVODAYA) of poorest among the poor people residing in the hilly tract of village PINDVAL village and its surrounding area of dharampur and kaprada talukas, situated 50 Km interior to VALSAD of south Gujarat-INDIA.Trust is registered under the public charitable trust act no. 578/valsad. Donations to the trust are exempted under 80G of the income tax act.
Trust is inspired by Gandhi, Vinoba, Ravishankar maharaj, Jugatramkaka, Pujya Mota etc.
Four, devoted gandhians and sarvodaya workers named Dr. Navneetbhai Fojdar, kum. Kantaben, Kum. Harvilasben (well known as HARISHCHANDRA) and Shri Kantibhai shah laid foundation stone of the trust. They devoted their whole lives for the benefit and up liftment of poor tribal people of dharampur-kaprada area. They are inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and vinoba.

They worked under the influence of a concept known as GANDHI’S TAVIJ
It was pronounced by Mahatma Gandhi himself.
He said that when you feel frustrated and dismayed or your wealth & strength makes you egoistic, then look towards the poorest among the poor people, who are quiet helpless, in spite the desire to work for livelihood, they don’t get work or opportunity and then start thinking as to how can be helpful to them.These poor people are living in extreme poverty. They are backward in every respect. They are illiterate, malnourished, without cloths, good protective cover over their heads. You must think about them as to how you can be helpful to them.By thinking positively about these people, one can feel free of frustration, disparity and egoistic tendencies.


Land of Abhav Nagar In Refrence to Gandhiji Tavij

Activities of the trust is mainly confined to the hilly eastern corridor of Dharampur Taluka of Valsad District located at south Gujarat, nearby to Maharastra boarder covered with green hilly stony mountains. There are more then 200 villages. Trust has adopted more than 125 villages out of it for its social, economical, educative and health services.

  • A group of scattered hutments and small land makes a village.
  • Total population of Dharampur and Kaprada is about 3 lacs excluding Dharampur town.
  • Gujarat having a highest ratio (about 10%) of Tribal (ADIVASI) people.
  • Dharampur having a more than 90 % of Tribal population.
  • Main casts are varli, Konkani, ghodia, naika, kolcha, koli etc.
  • Most of the land is uneven and sloppy.
  • PAR, NAR, MAN, ORANGA and DAMANGANGA are the rivers flows through this area.
  • Roads, transportation, electricity, potable water, school and medical facilities are still out of reach of interior villages.
  • This tribal people are still neglected and detached by outer world.
  • This poor tribal people are suffering from many have-notes.
  • They have to work hard to get basic primary requirements of life.
  • Vinoba coined the word ABHAV NAGAR (city of have not) for such village.
  • Rain is about 100 Inch (30000 mm) during monsoon, but due to stony and hilly land with minimal water storage facilities and poor water management concept there are always water scarcity with in a month or two after the end of monsoon.
  • Due to unavailability of cultivable and fertile land, food production in negligible and not sufficient to fulfill their requirement.
  • Their huts’ roofs are made up of bamboo leaves, chips and straw. Such fragile shelters need every year replacement.
  • SARVODAYA PARIVAR TRUST is involved to provide these basic primary necessities of life like food, clean drinking water, permanent shelter, and medical help to this tribal people since 44 years.
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