Medical Care

The initial activities started by Navnitbhai,being a doctor, for the overall healthcare in this tribal area. Blind superstition and local beliefs kept people away from seeking medical help. Navnitbhai spent a long time going from village to village and hut to hut to build trust among the locals in doctors and medicine.

There was a serious lack of adequate and nutritious food. Hard and impure water and unhygienic habits all these contributed to a slew of diseases such as stomach worms, colic, skin infections, boils, ulcers, etc. Malaria was one of the major diseases of the region as well as night blindness from Vitamin A deficiency.

Navnitbhai set out to treat these issues head on. He went from hut to hut distributing vitamin A tablets to treat night blindness. He found that treating individual patients or families suffering from incidences of boils, rashes and scabies was not helping to bring them under control. So he took the mandate of treating the whole village instead. He started setting up Medical camps in every village. Drumful of medicines, balms and injections where brought. He went hut to hut to eradicate these diseases from the community.

Dr. Navnitbhai’s other major contribution was preparing and training a large cadre of young local volunteers for providing basic health care and treatment of common illnesses. He gave them primary knowledge of all common diseases and their treatment, and provided them with a supply of medicines. This young cadre of health officers would stay in their own villages, and provide basic medical treatment to 5 to 7 villages inthe vicinity.

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