Tiled Roof Over Their Heads

Forty-five years ago, not one Adivasi family had a solid roof on their homes. The walls were made up of mud and bamboo, while the roofs were created with hay, leaves, plastic sheets or any material that could be found. In a short time, the leaves would rot, the plastic sheets would tear, and they would have to begin to create their roof again, before the arrival of the monsoon season. During the four months of gale-force winds and lashing rains, the leaking roofs would leave the interior of the house damp and the floor would remain wet.

Kantaben vison was “Some day, we will provide, all the huts of Dharampur with tiled roof. N single hut in the region without good quality mangalorean tiled roof.”

In 1981, the roof project commenced. One thousand tiles were delivered to each family, who paid one third of the cost. The Trust paid the balance of the cost. The shine in the eyes and joy in the expression of families getting roof tiles. For the Trust, it was a great source of gratification for our hearts. At the time of each distribution, the atmosphere in the village became f estive. Drum beats sounded in welcome, the people sang and danced on this happiest occassion.

Over the last 28 years, over 25 million tiles have been distributed, resulting in over 30,000 houses being successfully covered with manglorean tiles.

Two generations received supply of roof tiles in every villages. Kantaben’s dream comes true.

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