Khadki Center

In the year 2000, a second center was opened by the Trust, 20 kilometers from Pindval, in the village of Khadki. One and a half acres of land, was donated by Pandubhai without taking a single Rupee as a remuneration. To this day, he continues to assume responsibility for the center, the students, and the staff.

The center was constructed with the help of all the families in the seven surrounding villages. Each family contributed two days of their time, readying the building in only six months’ time. For the first five years, grown-up students who had not received a formal education were earlier in life were taught at the school.

Today, the Khadki center is a hostel,consisting of students in classes one through eight who study at the district Panchayat school inthe village. Trust conducts extra tutions for all the subjects for the students live in the campus.Creative activities are conducted at the center, including origami,block printing, art, music, cultural programs, retreats and excursions.

Students are trained in real life experiences and chores and handle all the maintenance of the school, like housekeeping, filling drinking water, kitchen duties, buying rations and more.

The walls of the classes are decorated with the beautiful paintings and artwork made by the students. They also maintain the gardens and keep them blooming with colourful flowers all year round.

There is a student council, with each student holding portfolios such as Chief Minister, Health Minister, Stores Minister, Culture Minister, Garden Minister, etc ., and owning up responsibility for the same.

Trips and excursions are organized to ensure that the students getto see the outside world and enjoy nature.

Both of our centers, Pindval and Khadki, resound with the sounds of the children. Our continued effort is to ensure that the Adivasi children who come to us receive a solid upbringing, supported by an education that instills in them noble qualities. Our hope and prayer is that every flower in the garden of children blooms into a beautiful flower.

Government primary sc hools in the interiors of Dharmapur Ta Iuka recruit about one to two teachers for one to five classes in each school. These teachers commute daily and have to handle administrative work, often resulting in a decrease in the quality of the education.

Our trust has recruited teachers from nine of these villages. Their classes begin in the morning, before the start of the government school.

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