Kantibhai felt strongly that it was in our destiny to establish a school. Strongly inspired by Dr. Daulatsingh Parmar, a retired professor who came to Pindval with his wife, Manuben. They came here with lot of enthusiasm. It was through their help and drive that in June 1995, the previously abandoned Ambar Centre sinc e 1993, was converted into the school and hostel at Pindval. The school operated without any government gra nt or witho ut c harging a ny fees. Like everything else here that we did, it was totally driven by people supports and co-operation .

Today, 260 students [Boys & Girls] from class 1 to 9 study and stay at this school & hostel. They live, eat, and study on the premises, where they are provided with clothing, books, notebooks, beds, trunks, utensils and everything else they need.They form teams to handle all the chores of the school including 1 cleaning, cooking, filling water, and gardening.

To ensure that the children get modern educ ation, computer classes have been built into the curriculum. Educational films are regularly screened on TV, through the medium of DVDs.

Workshops are organized on a variety of topics including meditation & yoga, astronomy , botany a nd identificatio n of importa nt vegetation growing in the forest, and so on, to ensure the all-round development of the students.

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